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Zirconia crusher

Code No.: 0084014-000

Zirconia crushers for 2ml micro tubes.It can be used for analysis where metals cannot be used.


Crushing of animal and plant tissues
Crushing of solid materials such as tablets


Available in GM-01 and μT-01/12.
・Requires a stronger crushing force than Stainless beads
・Metal-free analysis
Recommended for the above cases.


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【discontinued】2-in-1 Equipment to handle Vortex and Spin down. Also, it can be used for crushing with beads and metal crusher. It is reasonably priced for crushing samples that are known for their hardness.
■Stirring method:High-speed inversion ■Stirring force adjustment:10 steps (Level 1 to A) *Effective of Level A is equivalent to that of Delta Mixer at 2600 r/min.
Bead beater homogenizer (for 1pc of Microtube) | Beads crusher | μT-01
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■Crushing method:Crushing beads with pendular swing method ■Shaking Speed:1800 to 3200 r/min (8-step setting) (*1)
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