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Constant temperature Chamber/Hybridization Incubator Constant temperature Defrost Shaking incubator

■CFC Free by Electronic heating and cooling (+15 to 60℃) with Peltier element
■Four stirring method of vessels by easy replaceable platform
●Various Hybridizations
●Thawing at room temp of samples and reagents

 There are 1 models of Constant temperature Chamber/Hybridization IncubatorConstant temperature Defrost Shaking incubator.

Constant temperature Defrost Shaking incubator Hybridization Defrost incubator HB-60N
Low vibration, CFC Free, Energy saving Incubator. Maintains 37℃ stable even in a room where A/C turned off. Used for various Hybridization, also Thawing at room temp. of samples and reagents.
■Temperature range (*1):15℃ to 60℃ (RT-10℃ to RT+3 ...
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