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Constant temperature Chamber/Hybridization Incubator Middle size Constant temperature Chamber

■Most interior and exterior made of stainless steel. High quality Constant temp. Chamber
■Possible for operation of small devices inside chamber
■LED irradiation-type is also available.

 There are 2 models of Constant temperature Chamber/Hybridization IncubatorMiddle size Constant temperature Chamber.

Constant temperature Chambers (Middle size) Incubation Box M-210FD
Constant temperature Chamber having the double glass door with both heat insulation and visibility that makes it easy to use. Enables the operation of small devices inside the chamber. Chromatographic column rack is available as an option.
■Temperature range :0℃ to 45℃ ■Temp. control accu ...
Constant temperature Chambers (Middle size) In vitro Box iB-230
High quality and Energy saving Refrigerator Incubator. Flagship Small/Middle-size Constant temp. chambers. Possible for operation of small devices inside the chamber.
■Temperature range:3℃ to 45℃ ■Temp. control accur ...
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