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Bead beater homogenizer (for 1pc of Microtube)

Beads crusher μT-01N

Code No.: 0083115-000

Strong crushing and High stability by High speed pendular swinging. A model eequipped with Shaking speed stepless setting and Memory function is newly lined up.

1.5/2.0ml general screw cap micro tube x 1pc
Max.4,600r/min pendular swing
Use with zirconia beads and some metal beads.


Crushing of Microbes (bacteria, chlorella, yeast) and Insects
Crushing of Cells, Tissues and Organs of animals and plants
Crushing of Tablets and Resin pellets (with low viscosity)

Down Load(Useful Information)



•Outstanding stability even high spped shaking at 4600r/min
•For one simple 2mL Micro tube (Throughput 0.2g)
•Stainless steel beads and Metal crusher can be used
Beads crushing method
This method is adapted to extract nucleic acids, proteins and residual substances from biological/environmental samples.
Nucleic acids are often fragmented and basically served for PCR templates and not suitable for genome extraction. Used for human DNA identification, drug toxicological examination from human hair, seed quality examination, examination of BSE and Johne’s disease, investigation of soil microflora etc. and also sample preparation for spectroscopic analysis for resin.


Shaking MethodPendular swing method
Applied beadsAll of nonmetallic beads and some of SUS beads
Shaking Speed2000 to 4600 r/min (Stepless setting: per 100r/min)
Speed DisplayDigital display
Speed memory1 x Setting
Safety device / functionLimiter for open/close lid(Stop shaking when lid open), Overcurrent protection safety device
Dimensions172 x 280 x 160Hmm
WeightApprox. 5kg
Power SupplyAC100V 0.5A
Applicable Container / Number1.5/2.0ml general screw cap micro tube x 1 pc



Stainless beads | Stainless beads φ2mm/70g
Stainless beads for crushing cells.
■: ■:
Stainless beads | Stainless beads φ3mm/150g
Stainless beads for crushing cells.
■: ■:
Stainless beads | Stainless beads φ4mm/150g
Stainless beads for crushing cells.
■: ■:
Stainless beads | Stainless beads φ5mm/150g
Stainless beads for crushing cells.
■: ■:
| Mixed Stainless beads
Mixed Stainless beads: φ2pcs/20g, 3pcs/40g, 4pcs/40g, 5pcs/50g.
■Material:SUS304 ■Remarks:φ2pcs/20g, 3pcs/40g, 4pc ...
Metal crusher | Metal crusher
Stainless steel crushers for 2ml micro tubes.
■Dimensions:φ7.5 x 23mm ■Material:Stainless
| Zirconia crusher
Zirconia crushers for 2ml micro tubes.It can be used for analysis where metals cannot be used.
■: ■:

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