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External sensor CA-760

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External sensor for Thermominder EXN-B


Necessary when you want to control the temperature of EXN-B in a place away from the unit.



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Unit water bath | Thermominder | EXN-B
Addressed to low water of 45mm to fit to micro tube and small test tube. Optimum for examination.
■Temperature Range:RT+5ºC - +70 ºC ■Temperature setting:-20℃ - +100℃ (*1)
Bench-top shaking water bath | Shaking water bath | Personal-11 EXN Set
Versatile Bench-top Water bath that is equipped with Reciprocal shaking. Unique Monode shaking platform for shaking L-shaped test tubes is available as an option.
■Temperature range (*2)(Thermominder):5℃ above RT to +70℃ (Preset/Current temp. displayed simultaneously in the SDN/EXN switch. Switchable Preset/Current temp display in SM.) ■Temp. control accuracy (*3)(Thermominder):±0.02℃ to 0.08℃
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