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CO2 incubator

Prescyto MG-71C

Code No.: 0081460-000

Cost effective, high quality conventional CO2 incubator.


Mammalian cell culture
Primary cell culture
Tissue culture


MG-71C is a standard air jacket type CO2 incubator. Capacity: 53L, Two levels stackable.
Contamination control
Shelfs for MG-71C are coated with antibacterial plating.


Temperature RangeAmbient+5ºC to +50ºC
Temp. Control Accuracy±0.2 ºC (at below +25ºC, set at +37ºC, CO2:5%)
CO2 Rangeair to 20%, Digital display, Increment: 0.1%
Heating SystemHeating method: airjacket
Humidification method: natural evaporation by trays
Inner DimensionChamber:354×425×418Hmm
CapacityCapacity: 53L
Vessel availability: for example, 49 x Φ35mm petri dish or 6 x 6 well plates or 14 x 25 cm2 TC per shelf.
Other FunctionsHole for power supply cable etc. x2 (Φ30mm)
Standard AccessoryShelf x 3, water tray, PVC hose (5m), hose band x 2
●Two levels stackable.
●MG-71C can attach a shelf up to six.



Shelve for MG | Shelve for MG
Shelve for MG
■: ■:
Single stand | Single stand for MG
Stand that can put N2 GENESIS 200 under MG-70 / 71 series
■Dimensions:580×580×589Hmm ■Lower space:520×500×56 ...
Dual stand | Dual stand for MG
It 's a stand that can stack two MG-70/71 series without touching the floor.
■: ■:
Regulator | Regulator (Φ9mm barbed nozzle)
Regulator for MG-71 series
■: ■:
Stackable base | Stackable base for MG
The fixing tool when the stacked in use.
■: ■:

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