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Heat-resistant plastic hood PF-B

Code No.: 0000226-000

Preventing evaporation.

Image of PF-B


Low power consumption with reduce evaporation.
Designed for SDN-B and EXN-B.


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Unit water bath | Thermominder | SDN-B
Even water level of 45 mm from the bottom of the bath can be used. Thermal insulation tray is included. The EXN-B is equipped with Temp. control accuracy with two decimal places and a Timer function.
■Temperature range (*1):5℃ above RT to +70℃ ■Settable temp. range (*2):-20℃ to +100℃
Unit water bath | Thermominder | EXN-B
Addressed to low water of 45mm to fit to micro tube and small test tube. Optimum for examination.
■Temperature Range:RT+5ºC - +70 ºC ■Temperature setting:-20℃ - +100℃ (*1)
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