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Aspiret Q-1

Code No.: 0000336-000

Circulates water in the water bath and exerts suction with the water flow. The suction depends on the water temp. The water circulates in the tank that makes no concern discharge of contaminated water.

Combined with Test tube Concentrator TC-8F


Aspiration of Waste liquid in experimental operation
Depressurization of Test tube Concentrator TC-8F/8G and that at suction filtration


Equipped with Two Suction ports
Pressure reducing Valve (sold separately) can be attached to either one.
The suction (vacuum degree) can be stabilized by using Pressure reducing Valve while keeping the water temp. constant. See below for stabilization on water temp.
Water temperature and Suction (vacuum degree) in relation.
As the vacuum degree obtained from Venturi effect varies depending the water vapor pressure, the water temp. is related to the suction.
Easier to maintain suction (vacuum degree) and improve reproducibility by throwing Ice or Cooling pipe into the tank or cooling the water inside bath with Circulator for Open circuit (See right table).
Plus, when Cooling pipe or Circulator used, the samples are limited to those materials not damage .
”Aspirator” generates suction by water flow

The simpler device than Vacuum pump to get suction effect by Venturi effect by water flow. As it causes water flow by circulating the water in the bath, suitable for long-time use compared to the method connected to tap water supply. No concern discharge of contaminated water.
*The disposal of water in the water bath.
Aspirator mixes the aspirated waste fluid and the evaporated solvent into the water stream in principle. Disposal the water in the tank that is after drying the organic solvent etc. under reduced pressure or sucking up the waste liquid according to the regulations (Be careful in particular Low boiling point solvents easily liquefied and mixed at once).


Ultimate pressureDepends on water vapor pressure (See left table)
Displacement 6 to 7L/min
Suction nozzle Outer dia. 9 mm,
Two ports (2pcs of Metal-made Aspirators built in)
Pump motor 90W
Dimensions inside bath220 (W) x 250 (D) x 220 (H)mm (Approx. 10L)
Dimensions230 (W) x 260 (D) x 425 (H)mm
WeightApprox. 9kg
Power supplyAC100V/2A
Standard accessories1 x PVC-made Transparent Lid


| Pressure reducing Valve
Pressure reducing Valve for Aspirator Q-1. Comes with Bourdon tube Vacuum gauge
■●Keep water in the bath constant to adjust the pr ...
| φ13mm Nozzle for Q-1
φ13mm Nozzle for Aspirator Q-1. Used when changed from φ9mm
■: ■:
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