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Strong shaker

Shaker for Food inspection pretreatment SR-10

Code No.: 0063329-000

Shaking machine for mass agitation and suspension of identical vessels under the same conditions. The SR-10 can shake up to 32 disposable 50 mL centrifuge tubes in one standard shaking table and up to 96 containers by stacking the shaking tables in three levels.

Image of using triple shaking rack (attachment is one)
Protection cover is on operation panel


Elution in pesticide residue inspection in food
Applications that require shaking of a large amount of centrifuge tubes

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Optimum for use in allergen test by official method
It is adopted to what is required by allergen testing method in foods (official method); shaking speed and operating time, function of horizontal reciprocal shake of centrifuge tube.
Strong but quiet shaking with silent swing mechanism
TAITEC original silent swing (SS) mechanism enables strong but quiet shaking.
Digital timer increased reproducibility
Timer is digital for easy time setting. ON timer for starting at any time and OFF timer for stopping at any time (This timer is same as one with SR-2DW/DS).
Horizontal reciprocal shake of maximum 96 of 50ml centrifuge tube
Shaking rack can triplicate and hold maximum 96 of 50ml centrifuge tubes (One shaking rack is standard accessory). Second or third platform can be added easily by hook. It enables simultaneous process of many samples under same condition in small space and increases work efficiency.
Image of using single shaking rack

Image of using double shaking rack


Shaking MethodReciprocal shaking
Shaking Speed50 to 250 r/min
Amplitude45 mm
Capacity32 pcs of Disposable centrifuge tube for 50 mL(Max. 96 pcs by adding shaking platforms)
Maximum loadApprox. 10 kg (Shaking platforms are not included)
TimerDigital ON-OFF timer (1min - 99hrs.59min)
Speed displayDigital
Safety devices/functionsMotor protection circuit at overload, Fuse
Dimensions (W×D×H)740 × 438 × 330 mm (1-tier platform *Height 435 mm at 3-tier platform)
WeightApprox. 70 kg
Power supplyAC100V/AC220-240V /1A (built-in down transformer)
Standard accessoriesC Shaking platform for SR-10 × 1 pc (*)
(*)Up to 3 sets of C Shaking platforms can be added to this unit.



Centrifuge tube shaking platform | C shaking platform for SR-10
Up to 32 centrifuge tubes are attachable
■Applicable Container / Number:50mL disposable cen ...

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