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Strong shaker

Elution testing shaker TS-20N

Code No.: 0083466-000

Suitable for Soil elution testing, Soil harmful metals contained testing, and the leaching operation of harmful metals contained from industrial waste.

Pressing bar and knob for easy and tight fixation of plastic bottle


Harmful metals contained from soil and industrial waste.
Extraction of analytical samples with Polyethylene jars.
Various mixing-stirring etc.

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Shaking maximum 6 of 5L wide-mouth plastic bottle at same time
We designed shaking rack to accept as many container as possible in limited space. In addition to wide-mouth plastic bottle, medium bottles are also applicable (Max 15 when using 1L bottle).
Standard accessory shaking rack can hold plastic bottle tightly
To hold various sizes of bottles at optimum position, platform has structure which allows changing of pressing bar’s position and number. Pressing bar can be tightly fixed just by twisting its knob.
Adjustable amplitude to meet with size of plastic bottle
Amplitude can be adjusted continuously between 10 – 50mm. Using bigger amplitude for bigger bottle results in effective mixing more than just increasing speed.
Timer is a digital setting. It operates easily by a digital display.
It has been renewed and timer mode is increased. A new timer is equipped with 3 kind of mode.
①Shaking only for the setting time(ON – END)
②Shaking after setting time(OFF – ON)
③ Please set before the scheduled time of the previous day, and end after shaking for the decided time(OFF – ON – END)
If you want to set and start shaking from optional time on the return home,
The shaking sample is complete immediately after the next day shift, and you can immediately proceed to the next process.
Strong and energy saving
Adopting high efficiency DC motor enables power consumption of 70W/h while loading limit is 20kg.


Shaking motionReciprocal shaking
Shakig speed/width25 to 200r/min, 10 to 50mm, Stepless (Default: 45mm)
CapacityPolyethylene jar: Max. 6pcs for 5L/Max.
14pcs for 2L (See right figure)
Maximum loadApprox. 20kg(Shaking platform and Vessel press bars not included)
Timer Timer operation function (1 min to 99 h 59 min)
Integral timer display 1to 99 h 59 min or after: 100 h to 9999 h
Speed display/SettingDigital display/Input
Safety devices/functionsMotor protection circuit at overload, Fuse
Dimensions (W x D x H)820 × 601 × 591 mm (*2)
WeightApprox. 100kg
Power supplyAC100V-240V/1A (universal power supply) 
Standard accessoriesVessel press bars (long 4/short 4) for TS-20,
screwdriver for Timer × 1 pc
(*1)Please ask us to adjust the shaking width.
(*2)External dimensions have been changed for shipments from
the second half of 2013 (for accommodation of polyethylene jars and the change in the capacity of vessels).



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