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ShakerUnit for WTB WTB-ShakerUnit

Code No.: 0079312-000

Attach this unit with e-Bucket series WTB to realize a minisize shaking water bath that controls from low temp. to high temp. with "Water". Easily drain with equipped pump.


Low-temp. culture of Protein expression E coli
Conditioned culture after Transformation of E. coli
Enzyme reaction and Incubation of dissolved culture medium


CFC Free and From low temp to high temp. with “Water” realized.
Energy saving and CFC free by electronic cooling with Peltier element. The conventional one requires antifreeze to prevent freezing of the heat exchange part when used at 7℃ whereas WTB controls from 4℃ (*Ambient temp. 20℃) with “Water”.
Equipped with Drainage pump
The exterior of WTB and WTB-ShakerUnit are stainless steel made. The inside bath of WTB is Teflon treated that makes it easy to maintain cleanliness.


Applicable toWTB
Shaking motion/speedReciprocal shaking, 20 to 200r/min
Shaking width25mm
Capacity8pcs x 50mL Disposable centrifuge tubes (approx. 30° tilted)
1pc x 250mL Erlenmeyer flask/Medium bottle
Platform size (W x D x H)170 x 150 x 80mm
Maximum LoadApprox. 1kg (Platform 0.5kg included )
Speed displayDigitally
Other function1 x Speed memory, Drainage pump, 1 x Service outlet (Max. 10A)
Safe devices/protectionsFuse, Overcurent/Overvoltage protection, Motor Overload protection, Speed limit error
Dimensions (W x D x H)Main unit: 245 x 128 x 128mm (Protrusions not included)
Combined: 245 x 371 x 344mm
WeightApprox. 4.2kg (Combined: Approx. 13.2kg)
Power supplyAC100V/1A (Power consumption: approx. 5Wh at 200r/min)(*)
Standard accessories1 x Spring net shaking platform
(*) Increases according to the amount of service outlet use.
•Applied for only when using WTB as a water bath. The limitation of specs in WTB will occur when combined with this unit so be sure to refer and confirm the below specs and notes in WTB.

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