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Frozen sample crusher

Freeze Crusher μT-48

Code No.: 0080981-000

Powerful crushing of frozen samples with liquid nitrogen. 48 samples can be treated simultaneously. Optimum for extracting hard samples, proteins susceptible to heat denaturation, RNA, etc.

Image of using optional holder for 48 microtubes
After crushing rice at 1200rpm for 30sec


•Crushing of Yeast, Mold, Tissue piece of animals and plants
•Crushing of bones, teeth and limbs of small animals
•Crushing of Wire covering and Plastics, Asbestos samples, etc.

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Application Data: Freeze-crushing of plastic samples using a stainless-steel strong crushing jar


Adapted to various samples with 3 types of vessel holders
Adapted to various samples with 3 types of vessel holders. Powerful crushing of frozen samples with liquid nitrogen. Living tissues and organs, Hard tissues such as bones, etc. and also some inanimate samples such as rubber and plastic can be crushed. Adapted to Marketed 2 mL tubes and Dedicated stainless steel crushing vessels.
Recommended shaking speed in each crushing sample.
•Stainless steel strong crushing vessel: Up to 1000 r/min
•Metal crusher: Up to 1200 r/min
•Crushing beads: Up to 1600 r/min
A shaking speed that is higher than the above speeds may cause breakage of tubes and vessels. Therefore, make sure to observe the shaking speeds above.


Crushing methodVertically reciprocal shaking.
Shaking speed (*1)0 to 2500 r/min (*1)
Capacity2.0 mL Microtube: Max. 48 pcs (*2)(*3)
Stainless steel poweful crushing vessel : Max. 4 pcs (*3)
Timer1 to 999 seconds
Safety devices/functionsHolder attachment detection switch, Cover opening detection switch
Dimensions220(W) x 310(D) x 315(H) mm
WeightApprox. 10.0 kg
Power supplyAC 100 V/1 A
(*1) Around 1200 r/min should be necessary and suffi cient condition to crush the sample in actual use.
(*2) Eppendorf "Safe-Lock Tube 2 mL" is recommended.
(*3) Microtube and Stainless powerful crushing vessel are available as an option.


48pcs-Holder for μT-48 | TH-0248T
Holder for forty-eight 2mL round bottom micro tubes, and 100 metal crushers.
■Applicable Container / Number:2mL round bottom mi ...
3pcs-Holder for μT-48 | TH-0203T
Four holders for three 2mL round bottom micro tubes, and 24 metal crushers.
■Applicable Container / Number:2mL round bottom mi ...
Stainless steel-made strong crushing vessel | TH-SPT
Stainless steel strong crushing jar for crushing hard samples.
■Processing amount:1 - 2g / jar (May vary accordin ...

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