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Ultrasonic homogenizer

Ultrasonic homogenizer VP-050N

Code No.: 0079435-000

Automatic tuning and easy operation. Various operation modes according to the condition of samples. Small hand-held type is suitable for small-volume samples. For disruption of E. coli, etc. after expression of protein.

Image of using step-type micro tip (option)
Random fragmentation of DNA (from left after 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 4, 8, 16 min of processing time for each)


Disruption and Solubilization of E. coli where protein is expressed
Random fragmentation of Genomic DNA
Homogenization and Emulsification of samples

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Automatic tuning and Operation mode
The automatic tuning before use is completed in about 5 seconds just by pressing the button. Possible for Timer operation and Program interval operation. Equipped with PWM operation mode that automatically adjusts the output according to the viscosity change of the sample. It is also equipped with POW operation mode that performs stable oscillation when the sample viscosity and temp. changes are small.


High frequency outputMaximum 50 W
Transducer normal10 to 40 W
Oscillation frequency range19.5 to 20.5 kHz
Operation modePWM operation: Automatic output adjustment according to viscosity change of sample POW operation: Stable oscillation when change in viscosity or temp are small
Other functionsTimer operation (1 sec to 120 min)
Programmed interval operation (ON: 3 to 60 sec, OFF: 1 to 60 sec)
DisplayReal time output value %, Output value setting %, Output
value when oscillation start (%), Oscillation frequency
Configuration Main unit, Converter (Horn/Oscillation switch integrated)
Oscillation switchEquipped in both Main unit and Converter (Optional foot switch can be used)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 122 × 288 × 283 mm
Weight Approx. 4.5 kg
Power supply AC 100 V/1 A
●Optional step type Micro Tip required for use. •The chips for the previous model VP-5S cannot be used.
The chips for this model can be used in the previous model VP-5S. ●The chips for this model cannot be used in the previous model VP-5.



φ2mm Stepped Micro Tip | VP-MS02
Step-type micro tip for VP-050N
■Remarks:Throughput 0.1 to 10 mL ■●Made from Titan ...
φ3mm Stepped Micro Tip | VP-MS03
Step-type micro tip for VP-050N
■Remarks:Throughput 0.25 to 10 mL ■●Made from Tita ...
φ6mm Stepped Micro Tip | VP-MS06
Step-type micro tip for VP-050N
■Remarks :Throughput 2 to 10 mL ■●Made from Titan ...
Foot switch | VP-FS01
Switch for step on
■Remarks:Foot switch ■●Made from Titanium. Tip may ...

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