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Sample crusher/Homogenizer/Spin down mixer Ultrasonic Homogenizer

■Easy tuning completed in about 5 seconds.
●Disruption and Solubilization of E. coli that protein expressed.
●Random fragmentation of Genomic DNA. Emulsification of samples.

 There are 2 models of Sample crusher/Homogenizer/Spin down mixerUltrasonic Homogenizer.

Ultrasonic homogenizer Ultrasonic homogenizer VP-300N
Easy operation. High output is suitable for large volume samples. Used with the stand. Various horn options are also available.
■High frequency output:Maximum 300 W ■Transducer n ...
Ultrasonic homogenizer Ultrasonic homogenizer VP-050N
Automatic tuning and easy operation. Various operation modes according to the condition of samples. Small hand-held type is suitable for small-volume samples. For disruption of E. coli, etc. after expression of protein.
■High frequency output:Maximum 50 W ■Transducer no ...
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